Our goal at Healthy Farms Vet is to see herds on a regular basis, sometimes as infrequently as annually, to evaluate herd health and help farmers adjust management as needed for healthy, happy, productive herds and individual swine.


Swine General Document

Veterinary Services for Pigs cattle include services for herds of swine and individual pet pigs:

Wellness exams:

Annual herd (or pet pig) wellness is crucial in getting us as your veterinarians fully up to date on all aspects of herd health management. This is when we can look at the pigs and get a feel for haircoat and hoof quality, assess weights and mucous membrane color to look for signs of disease or parasitism. We will talk about nutrition and mineral balance, housing, deworming, and look critically for any indications that the herd is not thriving to help the owners prevent disease.

Pet pig exams including hoof and tusk trimming

Pregnancy checks/bloodwork and management of breeding health on farm

Piglet health and management to minimize disease in piglets

Geriatric animal care including pet pig pain management

Farrowing troubles (dystocia)

Vaccination and sensible vaccination schedules

Mastitis exam and treatment and evaluation of MMA and peri-parturient metritis and mastitis


Neurologic disease and down animal exams and management

Sick animal exams:

We work swine who are not well into the day or see them on an emergency basis as needed to treat all ailments from animals off feed to respiratory disease to diarrhea to hanging back from the herd. We will evaluate your animals and talk about what testing, if any, is needed to help figure out what is making your pig ill. We will then work with the owner to design a sensible treatment plan

Wound repair and management

Pre-Purchase evaluation and herd testing

Health Certificates for travel

Consultation on herd health and management including pasture management

Evaluation of nutrition and hay analysis interpretation

On-farm euthanasia for older animals