All of us pet owners must face losing a loved companion animal at some point. As a veterinarian, a difficult but necessary part of my job is euthanizing animals whose quality of life has become poor. While no veterinarian likes this job, it is a necessary one and I am happy to provide at-home, kind euthanasia services for pets so that they do not have to be taken to an unfamiliar or scary place for this final veterinary procedure. I also provide at home euthanasia services for large animals.

First, I will anesthetize your pet with an intramuscular injection of a relaxant and strong sedative. This takes several minutes to reach effect. When the pet is completely anesthetized, I administer a drug intravenously that will stop his heart. Once the intravenous injection is given, the heart will stop within a minute or two. This should be a peaceful and gentle process and your pet should not struggle or experience any anxiety with the drugs given.

Cost: $180-250 for most non-emergent home euthanasia visits.

What do I do with my pet after he is gone?

While many people choose to bury their pets on their property (check local laws regarding this), cremation is another option which I can assist with.

Cremation Services:

The local crematory, Mill Hill Pet Crematorium, is in Northfield. There are options for private, standard, or communal cremation of your pet and the cost is dependent on the weight of the animal, ranging from $90 (communal, cat/small dog) up to $500 for private cremation of large dogs. I can transport your pet to the crematorium after euthanasia, or if you should wish to take them there yourself I can help you arrange with the staff at Mill Hill.