Are you trying to find your coggin’s test results and forms?

Using Global Vet Link

Accessing Coggins and Health Certificates Using Global Vet Link
Look in your inbox for an email from no-reply@globalvetlink that has the subject line “Clinic Alison Cornwall DMV has granted certificate access.”

Click on the link in the email and you will be directed to the Global Vet Link site where your email address will be pre-filled and you can create a password to access your Coggin’s forms and Health Certificates.
Follow the instructions.
Can’t find the email?
Google “Global Vet Link” or put into your navigation bar.
On the login page, select “Create Account.”
On User Type page select “Animal Owner Account.”
Enter the email address that I send your invoices to, create a password (min 8 characters,) and Register.
Go to your email and open the Verification email from no-reply@globalvetlink and click on the verification link.

If you have trouble, Global Vet Link can be reached at 515-817-5704. If you can’t navigate the website, I can send you certificates as PDF attachments by email (or paper copies if you do not have access to email.)